What to Do While You’re There?

A good idea would be to look through different tourist attractions and mapping out what you would generally like to do while you’re there so you can spend your time wisely and accordingly. If you only have a weekend in one city or town, you definitely want to have somewhat of a game plan so you can get a feel for what’s around you and the fun things to do there.

If you have a smartphone, download A Day’s Outing or EventSeekr apps. They are GREAT resources for finding some fun, free, or cheap events where you are. Just type in your city or zip code and a whole list of events will pop up. What’s better is that the events can be broken down into categories like: nightlife, sports, or festivals.

Are you looking for art exhibits, beach activities, or outdoorsy excursions? Pick a trip idea and type in your destination and Frommer’s Travel Guides will take you to the coolest sites to see! We have used his website countless times and he has never steered us wrong. Another great thing about his website is that he keeps you up to date with good deals in and around different destinations. You really can’t go wrong with him!

For the real touristy attractions, Google will help, or, take a double decker “hop on, hop off” bus tour with Big Bus Tours. Type in your destination (this can also be used anywhere in the world) and see what they have in store for you!  My friends and I used to do this while we were in Europe because we only had one full day in each city. What better way to ensure that you’re seeing the sights, while also learning a little about them than a bus tour? Yeah, it’s a little nerdy, but where else can you tour an ENTIRE city for $20-$30, while also being able to get on and off the bus when you feel like it to take some pictures or grab something to eat.

Be sure to ask the hotel concierge or B&B owner for their own suggestions. They will also be able to give you some tips or some discounts on certain attractions. For example, when staying in Washington DC, the concierge told us the best way to get around the giant city, and told us which cab companies were the cheapest and the best. Our B&B owner in Newport, RI, had special discount tickets for the mansion tours (we were able to get three tours for the price of one!)


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