Accommodation Tips & Resources

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To be honest, my friends and I find a lot of deals and rates directly on hotel websites. If you’re traveling with 2 or more people, I would suggest the Marriott, Fairfield Inn, Embassy Suites, or Hyatt hotel chains. Most of those come with free full breakfasts with your stay, which is obviously perfect (because you can also steal a few snacks for later!) One Marriott we stayed in while in Boston came with a free happy hour/snack hour as well as free coffee and tea all day long. The rates are definitely affordable, and one time, between four girls we split a one bedroom suite, which was great for spreading out.

I would also suggest signing up for the Marriott rewards points, since a lot of these hotel chains are owned by the same company. That means you can use those rewards and special discounts with different hotels. Another way to get a small discount is using your AAA card. All of these hotels accept AAA or military discounts, as well as senior citizen or student discounts right on their website.

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To find some bed and breakfasts, or other hotels if you can’t find a good deal on the above mentioned ones, I would suggest visiting Kayak or TripAdvisor. A lot of the travel websites can get overwhelming by comparing 1,304 hotels all in different pop-up windows or all on the same screen. These sites are easy and very straightforward to use. The great thing about Kayak is they compare different hotels in an easy to read manner, as well as flights, but that’s another tab!

My favorite thing about tripadvisor is the fact that real people review these places. Obviously, there could be people skewing their reviews one way or the other, so that’s why I would use this site for smaller hotels or Bed and Breakfasts. The last B&B I stayed in in Newport, RI, the woman who owned it asked us to write a review on tripadvisor because she values everyones opinions. A lot of the smaller places have more legitimate reviews because the owners typically get to connect with their visitors and customers, therefore, giving the reviews a more credible and honest feel.

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Finally: Google, Google, Google! Google is your best friend in regards to location purposes. Tons of websites will tell you that their hotel, bed and breakfast, or motel has a “perfect location!” but Google maps will be your best friend here. Type in “tourist sites” to see where your hotel is in regards to all of these fun things and click on the “walking distance” option and voila!


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