About Me

My Husband and I in Hawaii!
My Husband and I in Hawaii!

Well, if you’ve somehow made it to my blog, you’re probably wondering who I am and what the hell this is.

My name is Carly and I’m obsessed with traveling. I graduated with my Master’s Degree from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY from the Media, Communications and Visual Arts Program (yeah, it’s a mouthful and they keep adding titles to it!) I absolutely loved this program, and couldn’t ask for a better, more hands-on, or a more real-life experience. I graduated in May 2013 and I miss it terribly already, but as much as I loved the school (and, let’s be serious, school breaks,) I love not having to worry about that mid-term, or that giant project that counts for 60% of my final grade.

I graduated from Le Moyne College, in Syracuse, NY with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. That means I love to write and I can’t help writing small novels instead of blog posts. So, you’re going to have to get used to that. I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm (great show, btw) and get to the point, but bear with me if I don’t.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, it will probably be a little all over the place, like me. Of course the focus is on traveling and my goal of seeing all 50 states (read my “About the Journey” page for more on that,) but maybe for some cities, I’ll post about all of the eco-friendly things I saw there, and maybe for another, I’ll post about all of great tourist sites to see there.

If you’ve stumbled upon my Tumblr. account before, my about me section pretty much sums me up. In a nutshell: I’m a lover, fighter, hippie, cowgirl, girly-girl, runner, lover of the outdoors, friend, daughter, sister, outgoing, adventurous, kind of person. I love anything related to pugs (yes, the dogs,) Hanson (yes, as in MMMBOP,) and any city of the Real Housewives Series on Bravo (although Kim Zolciak from Atlanta is my favorite. Ever.) No shame in that.

As I said before, I absolutely love traveling. To me,  There’s nothing more exciting than looking forward to a trip where I’ve never been before to see what it’s like, and hey, maybe it’s somewhere I would want to live someday!

I’d love nothing more than have someone tell me that they were inspired to go somewhere, ANYWHERE, because of my blog. Even if it’s just a few towns over, or a small road trip, or a cross country excursion, get up an go! What’s stopping you? I want people to experience as much of this world, and if not world, then as much of our beautiful country as possible. You never know how it will shape and change your life, or who you’ll meet 🙂

So follow me on my journey, I won’t steer you in the wrong direction!




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