Flight Attendant’s are Human, Too!

Seeing as my aunt has been a Flight Attendant for the past almost 30 years, I figured this list is a GREAT way to learn how to treat Flight Attendants since they get treated pretty poorly while doing their jobs. Here’s a big hint: they’re humans too, and they have to put up with all of those annoying things on flights that you hate All. Day. Long.


1. Say Hi when they greet you when boarding the plane! A simple hello goes a long way. Although I am the Marketing Manager for my father’s businesses, I am stationed right in the middle of the showroom, directly in front of the front door. Simple manners go a long way. When someone says “have a nice day” a little “you too!” reply means you acknowledge that yes, there is a human being here!

2. Take your headphones off when they stop by for drink orders. Would you leave them on if ordering in a restaurant? Nope!

Image Courtesy of: http://ncealliance.com/2013-music-headphones-high-definition-wallpaper-widescreen/

3. Don’t forget your manners! Just because we are 30,000 feet in the air doesn’t mean your manners should just fly away too (see what I did there?) Please and thank you goes a long way, especially since most people don’t say it.

4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, donate your old magazines or books that you have finished!!!! Leave them on your seats, and they will read them on their flights home or in their hotel during their overnights! I always do this because my aunt told me that they always appreciate it.


5. Stay out of the galleys when you’re stretching your legs, that’s for crew space only while they prepare the drink cart. Additionally, try to stay out of the aisles when they’ve got the drink cart out there. Kind of common sense here.

6. If you’ve encountered a great Flight Attendant, tell the airline! Honestly, the message gets passed down. I’ve done it a bunch of times whether it was a hotel staff member, flight attendant, or waitress, it’s very much appreciated.



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