Virginia Is For Lovers

After graduating from Syracuse University, my brother attended the N.A.D.A Academy (National Auto Dealer’s Association University) for graduate school. After an intensive year-long program, which required him to travel to McLean, VA, every other month for a week long of classes, while working full-time, he graduated!




My family and I went out for a quick two-night stay to see him graduate, and visit the city he stayed in for the better half of a year. Since it was so close, we were able to fly directly from Syracuse, NY to Washington DC (Dulles International Airport.) We had great flight times, and, as I remember from traveling to DC before, our flights were very reasonably priced at $100 round trip per person!


My family and I all stayed in the Ritz Carlton right in Tysons Corners, which, conveniently is attached to Tysons Galleria shopping mall. My mom and I found a new favorite designer: Karen Millen, who has very reasonable prices for great quality and design of clothing, in that mall! The photo above shows us in our two dresses that we purchased from there! We also had lunch in the fun, American Eats Tavern. The Tavern was started by Jose Andres, originally of Spain, but features all of the great American fare we have. The biscuits were to die for!


I loved Tyson’s Corner, where we stayed, and had such a great time! While we didn’t get to do a whole lot of sight-seeing, we did get to walk around Tysons Corner and see all the shops and restaurants. The area itself is so clean and updated, which made walking around very easy and comfortable. The streets were lined with flowers, and all of the shopfronts were super updated. We also were able to visit the beautiful Congressional Country Club, a gorgeous, stately, mansion set on the most picturesque setting of rolling green hills, with a ton of interesting history. Did you know the Congressional Country Club was built in 1921, and was started as a place for members of congress to meet socially with businessmen. Presidents Coolidge, Taft, Hoover, Wilson and Harding were all members or visited the club before! We also toured the N.A.D.A Academy building, and saw where all the business classes and workshops took place.

My family and I at NADA University

If you find yourself in McLean, VA, you must dine at Chima, a Brazilian Steakhouse. If you’ve never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse, you’re in for a treat. Typically, you start off at the salad bar, which isn’t just your run of the mill, sneezed on salad bars. It’s filled with everything you can think of: sushi, salad, seafood, and meats! Then, the fun part begins: Rodizio. This is where your waiter comes to the table with giant slabs of meat-all different kinds! From Flank Steak to Lamb Chops, to Sausage, Salmon, and more! He then starts to shave some off of the leg, shoulder, or whichever body part he has, and you tell him when enough is enough. Make sure to save your appetite, since there are literally 16 courses! Another great restaurant was Neisha Thai, a, you guessed it, Thai restaurant with the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had. Seriously, I have yet to find Pad Thai as good as what I had here!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.35.39 AMlogo9_3

Overall, the trip was a fun way to celebrate all of my brother’s accomplishments, and visit another state! We had a great time, and it’s a very family-friendly city if you want to stay there instead of staying right in D.C. Anyways, where have you gone in McLean, or Virginia?


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