Jeer of the Week: Hey America, Why Aren’t We Taking Our Vacation Days?

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day and came across this article all about vacation factoids. Did you know that the good old USA gets the LEAST amount of vacation days? However, France gets the most, (30 whopping days off…that’s an entire MONTH!) yet feels the most deprived. What gives? Maybe since they have so many, they don’t truly enjoy when they’re on vacation, while we cherish it a bit more?

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4 whole vacation days go to waste here in America, we only use up 10 of the 14 we’re given. The top excuses are:

I’m stockpiling them for the future: 27%
It’s too hard to coordinate schedules with my family: 24%
I can get money in exchange for vacation days: 17%
It’s too hard to schedule things that far in advance: 10%

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The excuse on this list that bothers me the most is that you can get money in exchange for vacation days. In my honest opinion, the experiences you get to embark on while anywhere on vacation, whether it’s with friends, significant others, or family, lasts a true lifetime and are WAY more priceless than your paycheck. Even taking a weekend or overnight trip to a different city in your state can do wonders! Take some time off, relax, spend quality time with your family and I promise your life will be more fulfilled. Consequently, when you bond with those you care about, you’ll be happier, more refreshed and more energized, which means you’ll be more ready for work when you get back, which could eventually lead to a raise, or motivate you to take a new class or get a job you really love! Hey, I know I just made a big stretch there, but it’s really not out of the realm of possibilities. So get out there and travel somewhere, America!


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