Jeer of the Week: Annoying People to Travel With

I’m sure you all have experienced traveling with at least one of these Annoying People to Travel With. Or maybe, you ARE one of those people! So, here they are, folks, in all their glory, the most annoying people to travel with:

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1. The Latecomer: showing up late, whichever way you’re traveling, whether it’s by air or road, is horrible. Road trips are ruined when you have to start off later than you intended since it punctures a little tiny hole in your excitement to hit the road bubble! Don’t even get me started on being late for flights. My dad’s favorite thing to do is stall right when we’re on our way out the door to leave for the airport. Hello, they close the gates at a certain time!!!

2. The Over Talker. Whether it’s from nerves from flying, or wanting to make the time go by faster, nothing is worse than sitting next to someone who won’t shut up, especially if you’re trying to read.

3. The Selfish Traveler: never wanting to compromise and do things you like to do when on vacation. How much does THAT suck?

4. The Lazy Bum: Ok, I can kind of be a lazy bum if I’m anywhere near a beach, but once you dangle the opportunity of doing something fun, like swimming with dolphins or zip lining, I’ll get into it. But sometimes on vacation, you really need to just veg out and stare at the water for a while, so I don’t think this is toooo bad, depending on where you are!

5. The Over Active Traveler: the opposite of the above mentioned traveler, but this person NEVER wants to relax. Don’t get me wrong, exploring and trying new things is right up my alley, but not having time to live in the moment and enjoy your time away from your normal life isn’t that great either. You want to come back refreshed and inspired, not exhausted and stressed.

6. The Over Packer: I’ll admit, if I’m going away for a while I might pack another pair of shoes, or two, even though I might not need them. However, there’s nothing more annoying than someone who needs multiple suitcases. If you can’t fit it in one, then you need to lighten your bags.

7. The Photographer: I don’t know why this made the list. I love taking pictures, and even if you’re not a great photographer, you still want to remember your trip in your own way! I love making scrapbooks and putting my photos in albums, because that’s my thing, and that’s other people’s thing too. I know it can get annoying, but it doesn’t take too long to take a photo.


2 thoughts on “Jeer of the Week: Annoying People to Travel With

  1. You left off the hidden agenda. They don’t tell you ahead of time that there are certain things they want to see/accomplish. If they did, there might be a give / take / negotiation about activities and sights, with both of you getting part of what you want. No, this person waits until they are there and then DEMANDS those activities. Statements such as “we don’t have time for that anymore” or “that’s in the opposite direction of where we all agreed to go” are met with screams of how YOU ruined their vacation! This is followed by a public meltdown intending to cause embarrassment/shame to the person that actually said “no” to an unreasonable demand. There’s only 2 ways out of that one – give in, releasing your own careful plans, or being the evil selfish inflexible person that carries on with the agenda that everyone had previously agreed-to.

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