Cheer of the Week: Learn Some Travel Etiquette!

You miss your flight, your taxi driver probably just escaped from the insane asylum, and your seat mate has never heard of personal space before, now what? Fear not, Travel + Leisure has given us some amazing tips on how to handle any of these sticky situations and more! I’ve experienced a few of these before. Especially missing a flight. They instruct you to act as soon as possible, which is kind of common sense. I’m not sure why you would dilly dally, but in any rate, definitely get to a kiosk ASAP to get yourself re-routed, especially if others have missed the flight as well!

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If you have a seat mate who seems to want to make out with you, prevent it before it happens. Claim your space early. I always do this. Get in your seat as soon as you can, unpack your magazines, books, iPod and put them in the seat pocket in front of you. Put your arm rest down and get your arm on there! Don’t be passive aggressive and try to slide their arm off of your armrest. If all else fails, politely ask them for a little more space.

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If your taxi driver thinks he’s in the Formula One Race, still pay the fare and ask for a receipt. Take any notes you can, definitely of his name, cab number, and any other information that will be helpful when reporting it to the cab company and/or the police. Don’t stay in the car if you feel unsafe, obviously! If it’s before your stop, tell him you’re fine getting out there because you forgot you needed to stop and get something at your friend’s house. Or you saw a store you love and have to go in. Or you need to get to the drug store to get some anti-nausea meds. Either way, get out of there, STAT!

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For the full list of travel do’s and don’ts, click here! Safe travels, my travelers!


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