Cheer of the Week: The Happiest States in America

I looked through this list and just kept smiling not only because the photos are so unbelievably breathtaking, but happy because I am lucky enough to have visited more than half of the states on this list! I can’t even pick a favorite because they are all stunning in their own way. Vermont is my favorite New England state because it’s so laid back. The vibe you get when you’re in any town in Vermont and New Hampshire is always a good one, and the people there are so friendly. Texas is everything you imagine it to be: where everything is bigger, and weirder in Austin! Colorado, and Aspen in particular is an incredibly authentic Western mining town, with young residents full of cowboy boots and leather coats, all of which are handmade.


Speaking of Western towns, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the place to be if you want to truly feel like you’re living in the Wild West. You fly into the middle of a mountain into a tiny airport, and are transported to a whole new way of life in the Grand Teton National Park, where buffalo sightings and taking a dip in the hot springs are the norm. And how can you forget about Hawaii? I would say Hawaii is our country’s personal heaven on earth and will always be my favorite place in the entire world. The waterfalls, volcanos, culture and traditions separate Hawaii from the rest of the United States because there is nowhere else like it, and words can’t even do it justice, you’ll have to visit yourself to feel the tranquility, immerse yourself in their culture and learn the language, then you’ll know why it has such a special place in my heart. I am actually trying to plan a ski trip with my family to either Utah or Montana this winter, so hopefully I’ll be able to cross another happy, beautiful state off this list!



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