The License Plate Game

Any time I drive anywhere, whether it’s just to run an errand, visit friends in the next town over, or driving to a different, state, I am OBSESSED with looking at different license plates. I love seeing each state’s take on dressing up the back of your car, and seeing a glimpse of what they have to offer visiters. If you ask me, the New York State license plate has always been quite boring, but from the ones I’ve seen, one of Montana’s, with the brown bear, blue sky, and green grass, is gorgeous! Or how about Colorados Rocky snow-capped Mountains? Even though California’s is plain, it’s classic red cursive writing on a clean white background just gives it a little pop. Here are the current license plates, but I love looking at vintage ones, and seeing what they were in the past!


To me, the license plate is a little advertisement of that state, trying to sell you on what you can expect. Hawaii’s rainbow seems pretty perfect, as does Wyoming’s cowboy on his horse, so why do states like Connecticut or New York choose to make theirs, well, so blah, for lack of a better term. Even Rhode Island could do a lot better than a plain wave. The Cliff Walk would be a beautiful selling point, or maybe one of the mansions planted on that aluminum plate. Take a look through some of the vintage license plates, and let me know your favorites! Maybe you actually like NY or CT’s plates, let me know why! Which one is your favorite?



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