Cheer of the Week: America’s Best Sandwiches

Girls love carbs. It’s a fact. And I am one of those girls. I will have a sandwich for lunch and dinner every day and not mind it. In fact, that’s what I regularly order whenever I’m out anywhere. Travel and Leisure put together America’s Best Sandwiches list and I could barely go through it without my mouth watering even though I just ate lunch (soup and a sandwich, to be exact.) Do you live in any of these cities with these notable sandwiches? I must say, I disagree with the Lobster Roll from San Francisco. I know it’s still by the sea, but the Lobstah Rolls I devoured while in Portland, Maine were THE BEST in the world. So fresh and so tasty! Brooklyn’s Mile End’s Ruth Wilensky Sandwich (salami and brown mustard on a pressed onion roll) sounds amazing. I’m going to have to re-create some of these mouth-watering creations myself!

Tell me, travelers, which one of these have you tried, and are there others you would add to this list instead of the ones on here?

Which One is Your Favorite?
Which One is Your Favorite?

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