Cheer of the Week: Hotels with Beautiful Art

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that also doubles as not just a place to sleep, but a beautiful building that hosts artwork or other things that expand your horizons and makes you continue learning at the same time? I will never forget the Four Seasons in Maui, Hawaii because of the fact that the hotel housed some of the most amazing pieces of artwork, and even held local arts and crafts fairs for local vendors so guests had a chance to take home a piece of homemade paradise with them!

Image Courtesy of:
Image Courtesy of:

Today, I’m sharing with you hotels with beautiful art. Check them out, which ones are your favorites? I love this because it makes you stop and think while you’re on vacation, and shows you that you should never stop learning and improving. Have you ever stayed in one of these hotels? I’ve seen the Bellagio before, and it is quite the hotel. The Wynn, however, is a work of art in itself, so I would suggest checking out both the next time you’re in Las Vegas!


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