Happy New Year’s Around the World!

I know that my blog is devoted to traveling the 50 states of America, but I wanted to post these great New Year’s traditions from around the world for all of my international (and national) followers. What are your New Year’s traditions where you live? My family and I used to have one: a family that we are very close with and my family would trade off each year of cooking a great dinner, decorating the house, and watching the ball drop. We also had a giant gift basket full of New Year’s napkins, cups, plates, etc. that we brought for the very first New Year’s in 1992 that we never opened. We ended up passing it back and forth to each house every year and taped all of our resolutions to it every year.  Unfortunately, we’re all older now and live in different areas and states, so that tradition petered out in 2010. As a reminder of all of our fun times on New Year’s, I made my mom and my friend’s mom a scrapbook of all of our resolutions that we had taped to the basket with photos of all of us from each New Year. On the last New Year’s we celebrated together, we opened the basket. It was actually bittersweet to finally use those napkins and plastic forks that had been preserved for 18 years.

The Countdown Begins!
The Countdown Begins!


Anyways, what are your New Year’s traditions? My favorite on this list is the First-Footling from Scotland, where neighbors pay each other a visit to impart best wishes for the New Year. Traditionally, first-foots bring along a gift, it used to be of coal for the fire, or shortbread. Edinburgh has the largest celebration, which is an all-night street party! I think it sounds so friendly and heart-warming to pay a visit to those you may not be so close with to wish them a Happy New Year.

A Toast to a Great 2014!
A Toast to a Great 2014!

What are your favorites on this list, and do you have any other traditions not mentioned here? I would love to hear how you all celebrate the ringing in of the New Year! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for all of us ❤


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