Jeer of the Week: Boredom on the Road Trip Back Home

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bored to tears on road trips. Yes, the excitement of getting there should keep you happy the whole way there, but what about getting back? You’ve already seen all there is to see, you want to stay where you were, and all that adrenaline and happiness is kind of deflated after a week, or weekend trip to that fantastic place where you had so much fun. So how do you overcome it? With some boredom busting road trip games! Do you remember playing the classic “license plate game,” while on a seemingly everlasting road trip when you were younger? Since I drive a lot to visit friends, see my family, get stuck in traffic, or visit my boyfriend, I typically end up incredibly bored, as do the other passengers! I did a little research and found a lot of great road trip games to help keep everyone occupied and still happy to be in the car, even though their legs are cramping, it’s stuffy, and no, we aren’t there yet…

Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 5.31.59 PM

My favorites on this list would have to be “Fortunately/Unfortunately,” “Who Am I?” as well as “I Spy.” The first two, I never would have thought of, or even heard of before. Fortunately/Unfortunately seems very fun, and also makes people think positively. That’s something a lot of people now a days don’t do. Hello, ranting and raving Facebook status updates. In this game, one person will make an unfortunate statement, and then another player will counter the statement with a positive response. You don’t have to think of serious things for this game, and the weirder the statements, the better! For example, “unfortunately, we’re about to be attacked by zebras,” with a counter of: “fortunately, I am a zebra whisperer,” will not only force you to see the positive in extreme cases, but entertain you as well!

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The Who Am I game is like a boardless/pieceless “Guess Who?” game that can easily be played with anyone. All you have to do is think of someone you and the other passengers all know (I truly hope no one is hitch-hiking or pick a hitch-hiker up, because you won’t be able to play this game. Oh, and that’s also really dangerous.) So anyways, once you’ve thought of someone, start giving the other passengers clues as to who you are thinking of. The first person to guess correctly then has to think of another person.

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Image Courtesy of:

Finally, I think everybody knows how to play I Spy, so I won’t bore you with the details of that (the name even sums it up: pick an object in the car and say “I spy something blue!” and wait ’till someone guesses it.) Ok, so I guess I did sum it up. Anyways, I hope you all think of these games, or the other ones on this list, on your next road trip. Let me know how they all worked out! Did you and your other passengers like them? Were they fun? Did they take up a lot of time? I want to know, send me your feedback!

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Image Courtesy of:

Safe driving!


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