Cheer of the Week: Beautiful Lake Towns

If any of you live near a lake, you know that there’s really nothing like it. People who live near or on a lake are just more relaxed, the scenery is beautiful and there’s a sense of calm everywhere. I live in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, and if you’ve ever been, you know that the 6 million acre park is breathtaking and remarkable. Visit any time of the year and you’ll find beautiful scenery. In the Fall, the leaves change to brilliant oranges, yellows, greens and reds. In the Winter, the lakes are frozen over (so much so that Ford F150’s can drive over the ice without breaking through,) and the trees are frosted over with a blanket of snow and ice crystals that look like it’s straight out of a movie. Swing by in the Summer and you’ll see a bustling lake full of water-skiers, swimmers, kayakers, boaters and fishers all doing their thing.

The Sagamore Photo Courtesy of:
The Sagamore Photo Courtesy of:

The reason why I’m talking so much about the Adirondack region is because not one, but three lakes in the Adirondack park, all of which are near my family’s lake-house on Indian Lake, made the top 15 list of America’s Best Lake Towns! Check out #9, #10, and #12 to see what the Friends Lake Inn, Lake Placid Lodge, and the Sagamore Resort all look like! I’ve been to all three and I can say that they are beautiful, authentic, and luxurious. The Sagamore in Lake George is my favorite place to visit. Lake George is only 45 minutes from my lake-house and they not only have great outlet shopping, but fun shops along the main street and beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains from almost all of the local restaurants! Take a look through the list and let me know which ones you’ve been to!


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