Let’s Play a Game! Would you Rather: Travel Edition

Thanks to the Huffington Post I found these cringe-worthy and hilarious “would you rather” games all centered around traveling. Tell me, which ones would you prefer?! I’ll leave my choices underneath!

Which Would You Rather?!
Which Would You Rather?!

WOULD YOU RATHER… learn your airplane has run out of water OR been delayed for two hours?

Delayed for two hours, holy dehydration.

WOULD YOU RATHER… find a cluster of maggots in your sandwich at the airport OR a needle in your sandwich on the plane?

Oh god, NEITHER! Maggots though, needles could be even more dangerous.

WOULD YOU RATHER… lose your luggage but land on time OR land 12 hours late with your luggage intact?

12 hours late, I would die if I lost my luggage.

WOULD YOU RATHER… get banged in the knee by the drink cart every seven minutes for the entirety of your flight OR let a toddler pummel you with his sippy cup for one minute before takeoff?

Get pummeled by a sippy cup, I have bad knees!

WOULD YOU RATHER… watch your lavatory door swing open during a meeting of the Mile High Club OR during an epic case of in-flight diarrhea?

Mile High Club because I don’t want to see or smell the other choice.

WOULD YOU RATHER… subsist on only airplane pretzels for an entire week OR swallow one shot glass of water from the airplane toilet?

Pretzels. Who would choose airplane toilet water?!?! Or any toilet water?!?!

WOULD YOU RATHER… ride the parking shuttle in circles for six hours OR ride sitting on the luggage carousel for 16 hours?

Well, they’re both going in circles. At least the parking shuttle is outside and not in a stuffy airport.

WOULD YOU RATHER… breathe out of those drop-down emergency masks for your entire flight OR sit under vents whose air is 80% certain to carry the pneumonia germ?

Sit under the vents, I would end up hyperventilating and passing out if I had to breathe through that mask the whole time.

WOULD YOU RATHER… sit in a first-class window seat with a view of Tahitian islands OR a last-row aisle seat with a view of Ryan Gosling’s back-of-head in front of you?

Tahitian Islands, if I can’t at least see Ryan’s forehead, it wouldn’t be worth it.

WOULD YOU RATHER… have in-flight WiFi but no legroom (like, ZERO inches) OR in-flight legroom but no WiFi?

Legroom. I’m too paranoid to go on WiFi anyways, I’m afraid I’ll crash the plane.

WOULD YOU RATHER… take control of the airplane for five minutes (it’s on autopilot, but still…) OR take control of beverage service for the entire trip?

Take control of the airplane!!! Not only would it be fun, but my Aunt is a flight attendant and has said that airline customers are THE pickiest and worst people to deal with.

WOULD YOU RATHER… live in an airport terminal for a month (there is NO McDonald’s) or on an Airbus A320 for a week (there is NO cell service)?

Airport terminal, who needs McDonald’s anyways? If I was in Philly or Charlotte it would be awesome. I love airports!


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