Jeer of the Week: Snowstorms and Airplanes

Have you ever had to re-schedule or re-route your flight due to inclement weather? Maybe worse, have you been stuck in an airport longer than you ever wanted to because of a snowstorm? Now that we’re into winter, I figured I’d share with you some tips I’ve found throughout the Huffington Post and other travel resources. Here are some tips to make flying in the winter a little easier and possibly prevent missing flights due to bad weather!

1. Keep up to Date

If you have a flight scheduled for the next two days, go online now to check the status. Luckily, we now live in a day and age where you can get answers to pretty much anything at anytime and anywhere (that you have cell service and wifi, that is.) Be sure to check out your airline’s Facebook and Twitter feeds as they will continuously update them. Airlines even have an option for you to sign up for their flight alerts via text or email. Definitely worth it during this time of the year!  According to the Huffington Post, the airline isn’t your only source of information, check the weather and then check FlightStats, which will keep you updated on whether your departure or arrival airport is experiencing problems.

2. Reschedule the Smart Way

I learned this firsthand: if your flight gets canceled, don’t head straight towards the ticket counter with the rest of your fellow passengers! What you should do, which I have done before that is also a lot quicker is to call the airline directly or go onto their website (since everyone is busy at the ticket counter, the phone lines and website won’t be jammed!)

3. Pay attention to How You Book

How you book really matters in how you are treated during weather emergencies. It you booked a cheap flight through a third-party online travel site, know that your request will not be prioritized in the same way as frequent fliers, travelers who booked through a reputable travel agency or even travelers who booked directly through the airline. My friend found this out the hard way when her flight was canceled and she was left stranded in the airport without a refund. A good rule of thumb in general is to go to the websites and people you trust.


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