Jeer of the Week: Holiday Travel Traffic Jams

Unfortunately, the holidays provide many people with a source of stress because of travel related things. How many of you hate traveling around the holidays because of traffic jams, congested roadways, and even more packed rest stops? I know I sure did when I used to live in downstate, NY and had to travel upstate to visit my family! Nothing is worse than wanting to just get home and spend time with your loved ones, but being delayed by hours. Well, here are 7 ways to prepare for holiday traveling by Travel Math, and more specifically, Thanksgiving travel seeing as it’s coming upon us quickly! Some are obvious, but some are so obvious that you wouldn’t really think of it! Which ones do you always do? Are there others that you would add to the list? Let me know!

Holiday Traffic Jam Image Courtesy of:
Holiday Traffic Jam Image Courtesy of:

1. Travel on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, or two days before any holiday if possible. This makes sense, of course, because everyone else is traveling on the day before the holiday as well.

2. Maintain your vehicle to ensure a safe road trip! Get your oil changed a week before and any other necessary tune-ups and maintenance. As the daughter of a man who owns 8 different car dealerships, trust me, not only is it good for road trips, but it’s just good for the overall health of your car! How else do you think people are able to keep their cars for 20 years? It’s routine maintenance. Especially before a long trip, you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road risking getting injured on the road or kidnapped!

3. Bring snacks and drinks, obviously. Keep yourself healthier than eating junk on the rest stops, and also cut back travel time by having plenty of food and drinks with you. You’ll cut out your stop time by 10-30 minutes seeing as the only time you’ll have to stop is for gas.

Eat Smarter on the Road! Courtesy of:
Eat Smarter on the Road! Courtesy of:

4. Use the travel calculator from Travel Math that I posted about earlier to plan exactly how long it will take you and how much money you will need for fuel alone!

5. Book your hotel early, especially around holiday times even if it’s just one of the ones off of the thruway that you have to stay at overnight on your way to your destination, those will fill up so fast. Just think of everyone else on the road with you, not all of them are going straight to their destination, they need places to stay too! Map your route out using the travel calculator and figure out when you’ll need to stop, and then find a hotel and book it early. You’ll save money that way too!

Book Early, don't miss out!
Book Early, don’t miss out!

6. Bring entertainment! Whether you’re traveling alone, with a significant other, friends, or a carload of children, you all need entertainment to make it through. Make sure you’ve packed your favorite CDs or playlists, books on tape, Bluetooth to chat with your family when you’re really bored, coloring books, portable games, mini DVD player if your vehicle doesn’t have one already, and a bunch of movies. That will make sure everyone is settled and ready for the long-haul!

7. CHARGERS! Do not forget those! Bring your phone charger, your Garmin charger, your laptop charger, and anything else you need. The worst thing that could happen is running out of battery when you really need it. Especially if you need to make an emergency phone call!

Lifelines! Image Courtesy of:
Lifelines! Image Courtesy of:

Well travelers, I hope you have safe and easy (or easier) travels this holiday season! Don’t forget any of these simple yet incredibly important tips for a successful road trip!


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