Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are your plans? Anyone traveling for the holidays? I will be staying home, but am very excited that my winter travel plans that have been booked: New Orleans and Miami! I can’t wait 🙂 Have a great holiday! Advertisements

Opinions Needed: Which Photo App Works Best?!

If you’re the type of traveler I am, you’ll need these apps to help. I take hundreds of pictures in one trip and always need help sorting through and edition them. I came across this article by Travel and Leisure highlighting the best Digital Photo Editing Apps and Programs. Which ones have you used? I’m looking … More Opinions Needed: Which Photo App Works Best?!

Jeer of the Week: Holiday Travel Traffic Jams

Unfortunately, the holidays provide many people with a source of stress because of travel related things. How many of you hate traveling around the holidays because of traffic jams, congested roadways, and even more packed rest stops? I know I sure did when I used to live in downstate, NY and had to travel upstate … More Jeer of the Week: Holiday Travel Traffic Jams


As I have started blogging, my mindset and ways I surf the Internet and look at different articles has completely changed. Instead of browsing a blog once or twice, or reading an article once and disregarding it, I have learned to think differently. Maybe that article can be useful for my blog, or maybe that … More FrugalTraveler.com