‘Tis the Season to get Spooky!

It’s that time of the year again! A time where everyone can be a ghost hunter, where walking around with a cape and fake vampire teeth is acceptable, and haunted houses are on every corner. But which haunted places are real? You don’t want to waste your time or money just going into any old structure with fake cobwebs trying to be scary, you want the real thing. Have no fear (or fear, I guess,) I’ve got you covered with America’s Most Haunted Places!

Image Courtesy of: amulet-spade-miki.deviantart.com
Image Courtesy of: amulet-spade-miki.deviantart.com

Just looking at these places gives me the chills. I know every town has their haunted spots, what are yours? My town in particular has an old insane asylum like the one in West Virginia. One of our high schools, Notre Dame, to be exact is also said to be haunted, and my old high school was built on an old cemetery, most of the bones were actually recently discovered and dug up!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

I don’t particularly like being scared, but around this time of the year, it’s just so interesting to see the history of different places and to think of what happened there.

Do any of you live in these towns/cities with the most haunted…haunts? Share your experiences!


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to get Spooky!

  1. The former Carlton County Jail in Ottawa is considered one of the ten most haunted places in the world. I stayed there overnight a few years back and captured some spirit activity on camera. It was quite an adventure!

    1. It sounds terrifying! It’s so interesting finding out the history of a haunted place and then going there yourself. I recently visited Hyde Hall in Cooperstown, NY, they’ll be featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters episode next Wednesday, Oct. 30th. I can’t wait to see the episode! I definitely felt a creepier vibe in a certain section of the house.

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