Cheer AND Jeer of the Week: Road Trip Playlists

Have you ever been on a looooong road trip and felt like you just don’t know what to do with yourself and have run out things to keep you occupied? Your playlist can really help or hurt you when you’re on the road at 3AM, by yourself, or when everyone has fallen asleep on you. The wrong tunes could either make you fall asleep, or make you crazy trying to get something like “Call Me Maybe” out of your head when it’s been stuck on the radio station cycle for 4 hours. Well, Sweet Lou Guarneri of Fine Tuning blog, a blog dedicated to music making the world a better place, and I teamed up to help you out. The idea of an awesome road trip playlist was born when Lou, a musician, and I, a traveler, (both of us music lovers,) put our heads together to come up with our favorite songs to help make that 10 hour trek a little less, well, awful.

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Here are my top picks to keep you going and entertained:
1.Title: Bohemian Rhapsody
Artist: Queen
Come on, people, who doesn’t love singing along to this song. There are so many different parts to it, and, as an added bonus it’s like 5 minutes long! That’s 5 less minutes on your travels!

2.Title: Tongue Tied
Artist: Grouplove
The beginning (and middle and end) of this song will get you amped up to take on that grueling drive, trust me. If you feel like you need to wake up during a rough drive, turn this song on and up.

3.Title: MMM’BOP
Artist: Hanson
Yes, I did just write that. If MMM’BOP doesn’t make you happy or want to sing along, then I’m pretty sure you are an alien from Mars.

4.Title: All That I’ve Got
Artist: The Used
Well, I’ve loved them since high school, and I can’t really give you a real reason as to why you should put them on your playlist other than the fact that they just rock.

5.Title: Slow Night at the Red Sea (or any of their songs)
Artist: Filligar
These guys are awesome. I met them after their show opening for the Counting Crows and have been obsessed ever since. They have an amazing piano player, and the rest of them play incredibly well together. Go check out their album, The Nerve now!

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6.*Bonus Song! Title: Empire State of Mind
Artists: Alicia Keys and Jay-Z
It doesn’t matter if you are a rap fan or not, this song is bound to get you excited and ready to take on the world….but only if you’re from New York.

Now here’s my half, so let’s turn up the volume and make good time. (It’s Lou if you didn’t realize.)
7.Title: What I Got
Artist: Sublime
Sublime is essential to any long drive playlist. Now the reason I say What I Got is simple – it works on two levels. For one, everybody knows the words to this song. (If you don’t, go learn them now, then continue reading.) And two, if you’re leaving early in the morning, this song opens so appropriately for you.

8.Title: Going to California
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Okay, so maybe you’re not ACTUALLY headed for California, but Led Zeppelin always does well on long drives. Going to California is a nice, chill-out song for this list. And hey, if you ARE going to California, then this song is perfect!

9.Title: I Can’t Drive 55
Artist: Sammy Hagar
Want a cheesy Sammy Hagar driving song? Of course you don’t. That’s why I Can’t Drive 55 made it onto the list. Every playlist has to have that one song that no one in the car actually likes, but still knows every word to. And hey, Sammy Hagar is all right. He’ll never be David Lee Roth, but he’s all right.

10.Title: Panama
Artist: Van Halen
Something about Panama screams ‘drive fast.’ Maybe it’s the engine revs in the recording, maybe it’s the power behind the drums, I don’t know. But I do know that I like driving to it. (Of course I obey the speed limit!)

11.*Bonus Song!
Title: Any Song
Artist: Foxy Shazam
Foxy is a legendary band that should be heard by everyone. Their music is perfect for driving long distances, for dance parties, and for life in general. So after this playlist is done, pop in one of their albums and get ready to be rocked.

Here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t make our list. Consider them if they make more sense to your roadtrip.
1.Title: Truck Driving Song
Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Maybe you’re a truck driver, and you like to have a laugh. Maybe you wear high heels too. I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to provide you with good (and in this case, hilarious) music.
2.Title: Walk
Artist: Pantera

Studies show that most people drive faster while listening to metal, so here’s your excuse to get to your destination in the half the time. Enjoy a track from the kings of metal.

3.Title: White Wedding (or any other song)
Artist: Billy Idol
Admit it, you love Billy Idol. It’s fine, we all do. He’s the man, and his music is perfect for driving.

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Thanks for tuning it. I hope Carly and I managed to spice up your drives a bit more.

Well, there you have it travelers! I hope this awesome playlist keeps you occupied with a great sing along/dance party. Let us know what you think. Do you have any song suggestions for us? Leave a comment below!

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