Welp, I think I’ve done it, I’ve found my favorite travel blog ever: The Minute I somehow stumbled onto this article (glad I did,) about making major tourist attractions not so touristy. I don’t know about you all, but to be honest, when I go to a city that I’ve never been to before, you know I absolutely jump on that double decker hop on hop off bus tour and get my sight seeing on. I know it’s dorky, but how else can you get to see the main attractions of a city fairly quickly?! Not only are they affordable, but they are good for a full 48 hours, and it will leave you time to check out some of the hidden gems of a city.

Image Courtesy of:
Image Courtesy of:

My favorite tip on his list is: wait for the perfect moment. I have stood in place for a loooong time just to get that perfect shot. In busy cities, there’s always going to be a cab, a person, or a person in costume coming in and out of your frame. You can either wait for it to clear, or wait till that cab is perfectly located and take your picture. Above all, I think the golden rule he lays out is to “find the quiet corner,” which basically means find something unique about that particular spot. There’s always something hidden that you wouldn’t notice, like my photo below from the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island.  Be sure to check out his blog, The Minute Tour, I know you’ll all love it!

Newport, RI
Newport, RI

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