Jeer of the Week: The Same Old Typical U.S. Tourist Spots

Have you been to any of these places? I sure have, and I must admit, I love touristy things especially when you are first exploring a city. Who doesn’t?! Did you know that every day 10,000 people enter Grand Central Station in NYC??!?! I sure do, when I used to work in the city, I saw hundreds of tourists in the short time frame that I was walking through to get to work. I must be in thousand’s of tourists photos walking by, probably half asleep!

Grand Central Station (My Photo)
Grand Central Station (My Photo)

There are so many places that I love on this list, of course including a lot of NYC things, but Fanuil Hall in Boston is so much fun, as, of course, Disney World in Florida! You can’t go wrong with the Magic Kingdom. As much as I love to see NYC and Disney related places on here, I was a bit disappointed. It seems that almost all of the 22 locations they listed were either in New York or Disney. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both, but this is precisely why I started my blog! I’m sure all 50 of our states have something to offer us, and something that they can all contribute to eventually make it onto this list.

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:

So here is my challenge: drop me a line and tell me a different location that’s not on this list, I’ll think of my own places, and I will combine them all to make a list of my own, and together, let’s get to a list containing attractions for all 50 states! Are you with me??


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