Interactive Maps: Fun For All!

Oh my gosh, you guys. I just found this interactive map game and cannot stop playing it. It’s so addicting, simple, and a fantastic learning tool for those with young children who are learning geography of the U.S. I remember in my fourth grade class, my teacher required us to remember where all of the states were and their capitals. Of course, over the years I’ve forgotten a lot (which was clear the first time I played this game,) but I do remember that my father bought me a small laminated map of the U.S., which he quizzed me on nightly until I got them all right. This is basically the 2012 (almost 2013) version of studying the map. All you do is drag the state they give you on to the blank map where you think it is. It keeps score for you, and also outlines in red where the state should go if you get it wrong. It’s so much fun, I hope you all enjoy!



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