Cheer of the Week: Ski Towns!

I’ve been skiing for as long as I can walk, so I think it’s inborn in me to love skiing and everything involved: the lodge, the ski gear, the hot chocolate, the fresh mountain air, if you’re a winter person, I just described your winter wonderland paradise! What are your favorite ski towns?! According to Travel + Leisure, these 12 top their list. Have you been to any? Read my posts on Vermont, Colorado, and Wyoming to feel my love for all of those places. I’m a little disappointed Aspen didn’t make it on the list, so I would put that on my own.

The Aspen Grand Hyatt
The Aspen Grand Hyatt

The best thing about these ski towns is that there is SO much to do, that you don’t even have to be a good skier, or a skier at all to enjoy what they have to offer: from shopping to great, fun restaurants, to entertainment and a riveting night life, you’ll always find something to do. There’s so much energy in ski towns that you don’t get in other towns because everyone is happy to see the snow and excited to share their experiences and love of winter with everyone else. I am DYING to get to Park City, Utah, and I think that will be my next big trip for next winter! Anyone ever been there? What are some good restaurants or sights to see? Let me know!

Jackson Hole Photo Courtesy of:
Jackson Hole Photo Courtesy of:


My favorite ski towns would be Aspen, CO, for it’s beauty, incredibly laid-back and friendly people, European vibe, free shuttle service throughout the town, as well as their four mountains, offering a range of ski levels. Jackson Hole, WY, is an authentic Wild Western town that you can’t help but fall in love with, and the town is full of life, originality, and real life cowboys and cowgirls. Finally, Killington VT, is my favorite Northeast ski town. Like Aspen, everyone is very friendly, warm, and fun to hang around with. For us New Yorkers, VT is a close enough trip to spend a weekend in, but far enough away to feel like you are on a vacation. Their mountain is also very challenging, which also helps to make it feel like you’re skiing out West! Hope you ski bunnies are having a good winter so far, see you on the slopes!


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