Jeer of the Week: So You’re Stuck in an Airport…

Although a lot of the airports listed on the “best airport to get stuck in” list are international, it got me thinking about my favorite airports. My brother and I have both agreed before that one of the best things about traveling is the airport (depending, of course, on which airport you have a layover in.) I don’t know what it is, but airports are strangely comforting to us. Maybe that means we travel too much, or maybe we just like seeing all the different people off to their destinations, whether it’s a wedding, a business conference, a vacation, or a visit home, it’s crazy to think that all of those people in that airport all have specific things to attend all over the world.

Oregon Market in Portland's Airport
Oregon Market in Portland’s Airport

My favorite airports are Philadelphia International and Charlotte. I usually get layovers there because it’s hard to find direct flights either from Syracuse or White Plains, NY, but I always love when I have a layover there. Philadelphia has great offerings in terms of food, and Charlotte’s airport, specifically concourse B, has a wonderful food court including everything from sushi, to Mexican, and those white rocking chairs all throughout the airport make it seem a little more cozy!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in SF Airport
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in SF Airport

I have never done anything more than shop around and eat in the airport, but those spas, gyms, and oxygen bars look pretty awesome! Has anybody ever done anything like that? I guess if you had a long enough layover or delay, I’d pop in for a massage, and maybe stroll through a museum, but I don’t think I could get all sweaty on the elliptical then get on a grimy flight (sorry, but every time I fly I always feel like I need a shower afterwards from all of that stale air.) Does anybody else out there have a love for airports as much as my brother and I do?? Please tell me we’re not the only ones! Which ones are your favorites…or least favorites? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

The Absolute Spa in Vancouver
The Absolute Spa in Vancouver

*All photos courtesy of the Huffington Posts’s Travel Article


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