Cheer of the Week: Memories of a Great Trip

Does the scent of something specific take you back to a certain time in your life? How about a song, does that ever send your thoughts reeling back to a first date or a great night out with your friends? I remember learning in a psychology class during my undergraduate career that smell and sound were the two biggest memory triggers. The scent of Abercrombie & Fitch’s perfume, 8, will always, without fail, take me back to my junior year of high school because it was my go-to perfume (as was probably every other girl’s top pick during that time!)

Image Courtesy of:
Image Courtesy of:

Travel and Leisure recently posted an interesting article about different perfumes based around the scent of a country. For example, Egypt’s perfume has notes of green mango and lotus. While this is a cute idea, and is definitely something I would look into just to see what they smell like, I think scents are specific based on that person’s experience.

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Image Courtesy of:

I want to know, what scent takes you back to a certain vacation, road trip, or camping adventure? For me, the scent of a musky candle I bought in Barcelona will take me back to the Gothic Quarter where I bought it. The Quarter was lined with small and bohemian type shops, which all basically smelled like this. Drop me a line, what are your thoughts on this? What’s your favorite vacation scent? Is it the Surf and Sand Yankee Candle that sends you back to Maui, the smell of fresh snow and pine trees that reminds you of the ski slopes in Jackson Hole, or that distinct muggy night smell and loud crickets that makes you feel like you’re back in Atlanta?

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