Only in….

My professor of my Blogging a Better Planet class gave me the idea to do this post. This post is dedicated to things that you can only find in certain states.

For example, Only in Rhode Island is a website (and retail store in Newport) dedicated to things you can find only in Rhode Island or handmade/made in Rhode Island products. My favorite thing on this website are the sea globes. Sea globes are beautifully hand-blown glass globes that are filled with beach sand, seashells, and real sea glass. Basically, it’s part of the beach that you can bring with you anywhere! You can shake it up for a new view, too. I want one! Another Rhode Island specific thing that I personally own is hand-carved wooden and painted buoys that I have hung in my room at my family’s lakehouse. They will always remind me of my fabulous trip to Newport.

Only In Rhode Island
Only In Rhode Island

Another state that is big on selling and producing local products is Colorado. My favorite would be the Two Leaves and a Bud tea company that brews, packs, and ships (don’t worry, guys, I’ve stocked up!) tea made in Colorado. If you’re looking for good tea, this is great tea. My absolute favorite flavor is Alpine Berry. It’s a refreshing and tangy berry flavor that really gives you a boost and wakes you up and my mom is a fan of their Earl Grey tea. Colorado also has a distiller that produces organic gin and vodka in Redlands Mesa. The vineyard where they grow organic wines and produce hard liquors, is called Jack Rabbit Hill, at the Peak Spirits Distillery.

Two Leaves and a Bud
Two Leaves and a Bud

Colorado is a state where many small businesses took root here and have since taken off. Some of these businesses you may recognize, like the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory from Durango, Quizno’s  from Denver (I never knew that!), Celestial Seasonings and Leanin’ Tree, both from Boulder. Who knew all of those all started in Colorado?!


As for my hometown, our most well-known local product is Saranac and Utica Club beer made in the brewery at the Matt Brewing Company. Our brewery is a focal point in our town, since every Thursday in the summer, they host outdoor concerts, $1 beer, and basically just a giant outdoor party with food trucks and some good summer fun. It’s a great way to keep things local, and boost entertainment in our town. Their brewery tours are also so much fun, since they used to have a trolley that ran through Utica way back in the ’20’s, which you can still ride around the brewery. One of the best things about the Matt Brewing Company is that it’s been family owned and operated for over 100 years, 120 to be exact. There are so many generations, that I graduated high school with F.X. Matt IV! It’s a great business, where we will also most likely have our 10 year reunion.

Saranac's 12 Beers of Winter
Saranac’s 12 Beers of Winter

So, what state do you live in? What are some locally made products that you purchase or like? What about another state that you love, do they have local products that you know of? Leave me comments, please! I’d like to know what I’m missing!



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