Affordable City Hotels

I was inspired to write this post because my family and I are planning a family reunion, for 101 people! Naturally, some families have a little more money to spend, while others don’t. We all want to stay in a nice hotel, B&B, or rental house/condo, as well as stay in a major city so there’s something for everyone to do. Now, our dilemma is, if we choose a major city, how to we make sure everyone stays in a nice place (since we clearly won’t all fit in one place!)

Just Some of my Family Members
Just Some of my Family Members

Aside from our family reunion, everyone else of course wants to go to a major city while on vacation because of all of the sights to see and fun activities to do. The only problem is: major cities means major spending, especially when it comes to hotels.


My biggest worry when booking a hotel in a large city is the location. It obviously doesn’t have to be a five-star hotel, but I don’t want to be staying in an unsavory or scary area! Travel and leisure is here to save you on that.

This article gives you some amazing deals at some seriously gorgeous hotels in all of the major cities you want to be vacationing in! My favorites would be the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY, because of its historic elegance, and amazing budget-friendly rate of $129 a night, and the Wynn in Las Vegas. I have stayed at the Wynn before and can say that $169 is THE best deal you could find for this lavish, stunning, and impeccable hotel. I also figured I’d give it a plug because Steve Wynn, the owner, is from my hometown and went to school with some of my relatives!

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:

I hope this helps everyone and gets you excited to start packing and planning!


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