Vermont, Naturally

Whenever I hear someone mention a “green” state, I immediately think of Vermont. I have an incredible love for this state, and it’s somewhere I would seriously (and have before) consider living. Not only is the entire state green and eco-friendly, but the people who live here are so friendly it’s hard to leave.

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My family and friends and I usually take a ski trip to Killington, Vermont, since from my hometown, Vermont is only a few hours away. Just traveling those two hours lands you in a completely different world where the mountain air is pure, and the stress of your week just melts away.

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We usually stay in rental condos since they are affordable, and also allow everyone to have their own bedroom and space. Renting condos for a skiing vacation is a great idea since they give you enough space to spread all of your ski equipment out, as well as bring your own food and snacks to munch on during those awkward skiing down times. Since the mountains typically close at 3 or 4pm, unless you feel like sitting around in your ski equipment drinking until dinner (which, sometimes we do!) it’s nice to be able to go back to the condo to relax for a bit, shower, and grab a quick snack before dinner.

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The Trailside Village condos are our favorites in Killington, although we have stayed at a few other places before. These condos are very large, even if it’s only a one bedroom, and also are “ski-in/ski-out” condos, meaning they are located on trails on the mountain so you can strap yourself into your skis or snowboards on the back deck and get going! These are great for people like me, who like to sleep in a little bit but still get to ski while the snow is somewhat freshly groomed and the powder is still fluffy. They are also great because it’s hard to haul all of your things back and forth and in and out of a car every day you are there.

Killington Trail Map

Aside from skiing on Killington Mountain, there are a few other attractions that I love going to while in Vermont. The Wobbly Barn Steakhouse is such a fun restaurant and bar. If you are looking for some good food in an extremely fun atmosphere where you can relax, listen to the live music, and have a few drinks after dinner in, then look no further than the Wobbly Barn. Like it’s name, it’s an old barn turned into a restaurant. A great thing about the Wobbly Barn, besides its entertaining environment, the Wobbly Barn is partners with the Vermont Fresh Network, which supports local farmers and uses their food in their meals! Excellent.

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If you’re looking for more of a nightclub feel, check out the Pickle Barrel Nightclub. This club hosts some of the best live music from Snoop Dogg (the last time I was in Killington we saw him here,) to Duane Carlton and the Backwoods Messiahs (country, if you couldn’t tell!) With 3 levels and 4 bars, this club might be a bit overwhelming for some, but a great time for those who are looking for a great party atmosphere.

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Unfortunately, I can’t locate my own photos from the last time I was in Killington, so you’ll have to live with these until I find my own!


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