Jeer of the Week: Finals Week/End of the Semester

I don’t know about everyone else out there who is on an academic schedule right now, but finals week and the end of the semester stresses me out like no other. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stagger your classes so they started one week after each other so finals week wouldn’t feel like you’re getting hit by a mack truck full of papers, assignments, and exams? Well, that probably won’t happen, so until then, I’m sure you will find yourself holed up in your school’s library, or better yet, one of these 16 libraries deemed “America’s Most Beautiful College Libraries” by Travel + Leisure.

Looks Like Hogwarts to me! University of Michigan Law School. Photo Courtesy of:

Do you or did you attend school at one of these places? Let me know your thoughts! Do you agree that it should be on this list? What about those who didn’t attend one of these schools? Why should your library be listed on there? I want to know!

Cornell University Library Photo Courtesy of:

I loved my undergraduate’s library, especially during finals week. They gave out free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks during the last two weeks of school. The cafeteria was also open for late night study sessions and during each night of the week, there was a different theme to the late night cram jam snacks they served. That made finals a little more bearable. As for now, I’m gearing up for finals week in graduate school and heading straight into it with a cold, yikes! Happy studying!

Vasaar College Library Photo Courtesy of:

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