Cheer of the Week: Cleaning up LA, 1 Billboard at a Time

This week’s cheer of the week goes to Los Angeles artist, Stephen Glassman, who has created the “Urban Air Project,” an ec0-friendly project designed to turn LA’s billboards into beautiful hanging bamboo gardens. Don’t think that’s green enough? Well, these gardens will be Wi-Fi enabled that will contain sensors that collect and transmit local climate data, like temperature, air quality, and misters that would water the bamboo automatically.

Working on a Bamboo Kit for Brooklyn, NY. Photo Courtesy of:

Glasman stated, “my intention is to put a crack in the urban skyline so that when people are compressed, squeezed, stuck in traffic and they look up, they see an open space of fresh air.” To donate money to help him create “kits” for more billboards in LA and other cities (I’m putting the stress on other cities here, people!) donate to his Kickstarter campaign. Glassman received the 2011 London International Creativity Award for doing a project just like this. He put bamboo installations in urban areas devastated by the Rodney King Riots, Malibu Fires, and Northridge Quake in the 1990’s.

Bamboo Billboard Photo Courtesy of:

Not only is this a way to beautify your city, but it’s a great way to clean it up by tracking the air quality and temperatures. If you don’t care about those things (I’m hoping that’s not the case,) wouldn’t it just be pretty and calming to look at? To find out more, watch the video below.


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