Pure Michigan

Michigan is one of those states that gets overlooked (most of the time) when planning a vacation. Before one of my good friends was accepted to law school there, to be honest, I never really had too many plans to visit. That is, until I booked my trip to visit and had so much fun!

Image Courtesy of: http://www.umich.edu/~jmgroup/

I think a part of what makes a vacation great is the people you are with. I went to visit Maria with my friend Angela and together, we always have a great time and can make a fun event out of anything. It wasn’t too hard, though, because Michigan was a lot of fun in itself. Maria attends law school at the Thomas L. Cooley School of Law, and at the time was attending the East Lansing campus, while this year she has transferred to the Ann Arbor campus (I can’t wait to visit her there!)

Thomas L. Cooley Law School

Angela and I flew into Detroit from Syracuse, NY (only about a 45 minute flight) late Friday afternoon. Our flights were extremely reasonable, and were also during great times (no getting up at 4am or leaving past midnight.) Maria picked us up at the airport and we went to her apartment from there. She lived in an adorable neighborhood, with an elementary school across the street, and a view of the woods and creek that ran behind her apartment complex. Very Michigan, and very beautiful! We of course caught up for a little bit, and then got ready to see the town. We toured East Lansing for a little bit, which is a very cute little city full of shops, restaurants, and bars. What I really liked about East Lansing is that, like all other cities, there were chain stores and restaurants, but a lot of privately owned ones as well (I love keeping business local, you all know that by now!)

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.destination360.com/north-america/us/michigan/lansing

We ate dinner at an amazingly delicious and authentic Mexican restaurant called Pablo’s Old Town. The inside was full of bright and vibrant decorations from sombreros to parrots to murals, and the booths all had different carved scenes on them. I got a quesadilla, which, by the way, was mouth-watering, as was the guacamole we all shared. Of course, (if you haven’t noticed a pattern yet,) we ordered a pitcher of margaritas. Now, these aren’t just any margaritas, they are HUMONGOUS and pretty great. After dinner, we went over to Maria’s friend’s apartment in downtown East Lansing, which reminded me of a Manhattan apartment (but obviously a whole lot bigger,) for some drinks before we hit the town.

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.pablosoldtown.com/


Finally, after a few pre-pre game margaritas and Four Lokos (when those were a thing..and legal,) we were ready to see what East Lansing had to offer. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, but they had a great night life, just like any other fun city! We went to an extremely fun bar called Dublin Square. This is a huge bar with multiple rooms that all offer something different. One room was more of a lounge area with high tables and the main bar, while another room off to the side was packed with a DJ playing some pretty great dance music, where we had a great time dancing!

Me, Angela, Maria, and Ashley at Dublin Square

After a long night out, we slept in a bit Saturday morning and made breakfast at Maria’s. We toured East Lansing a bit more and saw the University of Michigan’s Stadium, Thomas Cooley Law School, and walked around a bit outside. My favorite part about Michigan stores would be the fact that they have specific “Party Stores,” dedicated to only selling anything you need for a party! We later grabbed dinner at Bravo! Cucina Italiana, which was fantastic, and located in the outdoor mall, Eastwood Towne Center. I would definitely recommend the Frutte di mare. After that, we walked over to the movie theater also located in the mall. This mall had everything to offer, and was packed with people milling around and shopping on a Saturday night. We ended our night at a wine bar and stopped by the Whiskey Barrel Saloon, which was something out of Coyote Ugly!

Wine Night With the Girls!

And then it was Sunday, and we caught our noon flight (again, the times we got were great for even greater prices!) back to Syracuse. I can’t wait to get back to Michigan, especially to see Ann Arbor, which I’ve only heard amazing things about! Have you been to Michigan before? What’s your favorite part of it?!

Image Courtesy of: http://www.50states.com/flag/miflag.htm

One thought on “Pure Michigan

  1. If you liked Lansing, you REALLY need to visit Ann Arbor! In my opinion, Ann Arbor is a lot nicer than Lansing & definitely worth visiting!

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