Gifts to Give the Traveler in Your Life

In the spirit of giving and Black Friday, here’s a great gift guide to ensure the traveler in your family (or friends/significant other/neighbor) gets the perfect gift! Thinking of gift ideas for people is always hard for me since I love giving personal and thoughtful gifts. I always look for helpful gift guides like this one to help make Christmas (or whichever holiday you all celebrate) a little more special.

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Personally, I wish one of you reading out there would forward this list to my family, boyfriend, and friends because I love everything on here! My absolute favorite would be the lotto-inspired “Where I’ve Been” scratch map! It allows you to scratch off your travel accomplishments as you go, and, not to mention, those colors would go perfectly in my apartment. I’ve never seen the Mophie keychain charger before, but can give a plug to that company. My father has the Mophie iPhone case that can charge your phone while the case is on, and he loves it, so I’m sure their charging keychain works just as well.

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My final favorite (although I truly love all of the gifts on this list) would be the Grundig G2 Reporter radio. Yes, people of 2012 (almost 2013,) it’s an actual radio and not an iPod, laptop, or phone, and you can pick up frequencies from around the world! I’m pretty sure mine would be set to Spain’s stations for a good two months before I decided to see what else is out there.

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Well, I hope this list gets you a little start on gift ideas for that special traveler in your life, or at least gives you some ideas to leave some hints around the house! Happy shopping!

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