Where the Wild Things Are: The Park Edition

Want to escape without leaving or going too far? Try a park! As a matter of fact, try these parks. Is there a park on this list that you love but don’t see? Let me know, and I’ll add it to the list! Tell me why you love it, and I’ll put it on up here. I don’t really have to write to tell you all the wonderful things about parks, but to sum it up: if you want to relax, reboot, and rest your eyes, ears, and mind, set your sights on visiting a park. They are typically quiet, restoring, and, being in nature, even if you’re in the middle of a city is calming! Try it out, let me know how it goes!

Photo Courtesy of: http://madamenoire.com/67019/ex-slave-community-discovered-underneath-new-yorks-central-park/

So, here you have it fellow travelers: Forbes’ Top City Parks

1. Central Park, NY, NY (of course, one of my favorites. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much!)

2. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

3. Grant Park, Chicago, IL

4. Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY (another one of my favorites. Brooklyn is so different to begin with, because entering into Brooklyn already feels like you’re leaving the city and in a different state, so being at Prospect Park is even more relaxing!)

5. Post Office Square, Boston, MA

6. Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA (even though my feet and legs were terrible eaten by fire ants at this park, it’s still a top favorite of mine! The wild flowers here are unbelievable, as are their conservation efforts!)

7. Cal Anderson Park, Seattle WA

8. Boston Common, Boston, MA (beautiful park and in the winter it looks like something out of a picture book with the ice skating rink!)

9. Encanto Park, Phoenix, AZ

10. Patterson Park, Baltimore, MD

As for my top picks that aren’t on this list, I would give my number one choice to the Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pleasantville, NY. Ride your bike, walk your dog, go for a jog, or even take your horse out for a few canters. This park has it all, and offers so much relaxation that you could easily spend two hours walking around the beautiful ponds, fields, and trails. Not that I’ve done that before or anything…

Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Pleasantville, NY

Finally, the Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX is SO much fun. Ten miles of trails along the lake or through the woods, with scenes of cliffs, eclectic and creative homes, the park, and a great skyline of the downtown Austin area, this park has my number one vote. Despite the fact that I tripped on a root, fell down a wooded area, and basically ripped the skin off of my knees (sorry, squeamish) I am still in awe and love with this park!

Lady Bird Lake Trails in Austin, TX

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