Where the Wild Things Are: The Lake Edition

Typically, when I think of “wild” places, my mind goes immediately to a lake and mountain scene. This could be because my family’s lakehouse is located on Indian Lake, which 80% of it is state owned and forever wild. To me, a lake is peaceful with its glassy waters and guarding trees, to me, it’s serenity in a nutshell. Lakes are the perfect summer vacation spot. What else have you worked hard all winter for? You want a place that’s not expensive, where you can lay out on a dock, listening to the lake lapping on the rocks or beach, and maybe take a few adventures like kayaking, boating, tubing, or, my favorite: cliff jumping! Any lake in the Adirondack region in Upstate New York, or in the Aspen and Vail regions in Colorado are absolutely picturesque and I would urge you to visit at least one of these for your Summer 2013 vacation!

Summer 2012 Hanging out in the different lakes in the Adirondacks

Here are the International Business Times’ Top 10 Lake Picks for your next summer vaca!

1. Caddo Lake in rural Louisiana

2. Lake Placid in the Adirondack Region in New York (one of my personal favorites. There’s also tons of things to do here since it was a former Olympic park!)

3. Lake Havasu in Arizona

4. Wallowa Lake State Park in Oregon

5. Trophy Lakes in South Carolina

6. Redfish Lake in Idaho

7. Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri

8. Lake Lanier Islands in Georgia (this is another favorite of mine! I have grown up here since my family in Georgia has a lakehouse on lake Lanier. It’s a perfect summer vacation spot, and if you spot me and my family, you’ll be in for quite the wake boarding and tubing show…my cousins are wild!)

9. Lake Tahoe in Nevada/California

10. Lake Chelan in Washington

Super Moon at Indian Lake

For any of these lakes, affordable houses, condos, cabins, or campsites are always on or near the lake to rent for a week or weekend, or longer amount of stay! My favorite childhood memories would be going up to Old Forge  (before we had our lakehouse) and renting a house for a week in the summer with two other families that we are good friends with. We didn’t have to go far, and it wasn’t expensive, but just knowing that you weren’t home and that you could hop in the lake at any time of day and make the perfect s’mores at night was so much fun! If you’re looking for an affordable summer vacation with fun for anyone of all ages, pick a lake and go!

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.adkbyowner.com/listings/VR7460.html

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