Where the Wild Things Are: The Farmer’s Market Edition

I’ve stressed the importance of buying local foods and goods in previous posts, so now, I’ll give you an easy way to do this, even while traveling: go to a farmer’s market! I love farmer’s markets. There are so many great things you can find there, like local people making things from candles and soaps, to jewelry and pottery, not to mention all of the fresh and healthy produce! I’ve even gotten my palms read and bought a beautiful bouquet of vibrantly fresh flowers for my apartment at farmer’s market.

Nighttime Market in Austin, TX!

Buying local produce at farmer’s markets keeps money in your local economy, and ensures you have fresh and healthy foods to eat for your next meal without worrying about preservatives, harmful chemicals, or plastic packaging. Buying produce at farmer’s markets also keeps your food fresher for longer since the produce didn’t have to be frozen or cold while being shipped from a foreign country or area of the US. Speaking of all of that shipping, buying local produce also will reduce (a tiny bit, at least) our carbon footprints. But, above all, buying local produce is cheaper, since farmers obviously sell things that are in season, which are grown in bulk, thus, reducing the prices!

Green City Market in Chicago

Check out these Top 10 Farmer’s Markets when you go on your next trip!

1. Santa Monica Farmers Market, CA.

2. Green City Market, Chicago, IL (one of the best I’ve been to, and adds a great “green” element to the Windy City. I had a delicious homemade crepe filled with home grown raspberries, and my friend and I bought fresh bread and veggies for dinner that night!)

3. Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University, OR.

4. Nashville Farmers’ Market, TN.

5. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, San Francisco, CA

6. Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, N.M.

7. SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley, TX

8. Dane County Farmers’ Market, Madison, WI

9. University District Farmers Market, Seattle, WA

10. Union Square Greenmarket, New York City, NY

To add a few extras to the list, the Clinton Farmer’s Market in Clinton, NY held right in the adorable village green (complete with a gazebo!) is a great one to visit. This is the one where I got my palms read and dinner for that night! Here you can find local produce from my friend’s family’s orchard and farm, North Star Orchards, as well as farm fresh, organic and non-antibiotic meats from Loveland Farms.

The Clinton Farmer’s Market. Image Courtesy of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce

My other favorite farmer’s market is the Saratoga Farmer’s Market in Saratoga Springs, NY. One of my friends used to work at this farmer’s market and it has always been a favorite of mine. I have bought the best soaps from here and have eaten the best cheese in my entire life from the Argyle Cheese Factory. Not only is Saratoga a beautiful, eclectic, and fun town, but their farmer’s market is as well!

Image Courtesy of: http://www.saratogafarmersmarket.org/

Start your shopping, travelers and let me know what you find at your next farmer’s market expedition!


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