Jeer of the Week: Homesickness

The term “homesick” can be defined as “experiencing a longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it.” If you have ever experienced homesickness, it’s the worst! You remember happy times with your loved ones and you home, yet they make you sad all at the same time.

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Have you ever gotten homesick while traveling? I would hope you haven’t gotten truly homesick while on a vacation, but in case you have, one of my favorite travel blogs, My Destination, set up a “homesick hums” playlist on Spotify specifically designed to ease your worries, soothe your fears, and get you ready to conquer a new city and finish out your journey strong!

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I studied abroad in Barcelona for six months and can definitely say there was one stretch of time where I was so homesick I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Had I known about this playlist, I would have gotten out of that funk a while before I actually did!

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Personally, when I’m feeling sad or blue, I like to listen to some upbeat dance music to kick my blues away. If I’m feeling really down, listening to songs that remind me of home or my friends actually makes it a little worse. A possible reason for this being a synonym for Homesick is “nostalgic.” Makes sense! Enjoy, music lovers!

Me All the Way in Hawaii…Not Homesick!

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