Cheer of the Week: Love Letters to Your Hometown

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Have any of you come across the Huffington Post’s Love Letters? I thought this was such a touching idea and a great way to express your love and affection to your home city and state. Love Letters is an anthology of reflections on American places by the local people that define them. The famous and or infamous residents of an American city write a letter to their city of origin expressing their affections, personal connections, joys, disappointments, or strengths of their city.

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My personal favorites are Taylor Hanson’s love letter to Tulsa, OK (yes, I’m talking about that Taylor Hanson, and yes, I love their music because yes, again, they are still writing!) I love how Taylor recognized Tulsa as almost a big brother and gave it human qualities like always being there for him and teaching him to have a humble nature, like Tulsa itself.


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Another favorite of mine would be writer and full time mom, Virginia Woodruff’s letter to Austin, TX. I think the one sentence that can sum up Austin in a nutshell is: “You are Bacchanalian but also respectful. Austin people hold the door for me, let me in in traffic, and inquire if I’m alright.”

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Can you find your city and state on this archive? What do you think about the letters? Do you agree or disagree with what each writer has stated? Would you have added something different or taken something out? Who knows, maybe you’ll see mine on there for New Hartford, NY one day!

My Hometown!

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