Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, my fellow travelers! Have any of you been to any of these “most haunted” place in the U.S.? If not, what are your favorite haunted spots? I want to know, leave me a comment in the spirit of Halloween and I’ll see if I’ve heard of or been there, too! My personal favorite spot is a very old and historic castle near my hometown called Beardslee Castle. Click the link and flip through some of the pictures, it’s a real castle, complete with a stone dungeon where the bar is! It’s a great place to be on Halloween, as well as any other times of the year.

Picture courtesy of http://oddandstrange.blogspot.com/2012/10/halloween-fun-facts.html

The grounds are beyond gorgeous, and the food there is also amazing. My father took my mother there on one of their first dates for her birthday, and we’ve been going on her birthday every year since then. Multiple ghosts haunt the castle, but the story that attracts me the most is Abigail’s story.

Beardslee Castle, Little Falls, NY. Picture Courtesy of http://www.beardsleecastle.com

The castle used to be a residence before a restaurant, and one of the residents was Abigail, who was supposed to get married the day after she died unexpectedly. Many restaurant goers or visitors have seen a young woman dressed in white sitting outside on a bench, or wandering through the gardens.

Inside of the Castle. Picture courtesy of http://www.beardsleecastle.com

If you or anyone you know would like to visit the castle and hang out in Upstate New York for a little bit, here are the directions and contact information. I promise you won’t be disappointed in the food, and, shall I say, entertainment…muahaha (sorry, in the essence of Halloween, I had to!)


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