Cheer of the Week: Fall Fun Ideas!

Fall is here and with it brings TONS of beautiful and scenic outdoor activities to do with your friends, family, or significant other. The other great part about all of these ideas: they are cheap and involve little to no travel! Although a few items on the Fall Bucket List are in specific locations, like the Albuquerque Balloon Festival (which, by the way, looks like a lot of fun) they do give you some great fall ideas to do on a weekend when you’re bored!

Fall in Boston, MA

From apple picking, to a wine tasting trail, to scoping out the local farmer’s market, if you complete all of these things on the Fall Bucket List, you’ll not only have a ton of fun, but you’ll be ready to start your Holiday shopping! Most of the things on this list, although location specific, can definitely be found around your hometown. I know that Lake George (in the Adirondacks in NY, for those of you who are wondering what I just spelled out there,) has its very own hot air balloon festival. I have yet to attend, since this being a full time student and intern business eats up a lot of my time, but I know it gets bigger every year.

Fall in Washington, D.C.

Take the kids to pick some pumpkins and apples, I know you can’t go wrong with that idea, plus it’s a cheap and easy weekend activity. I remember one year we went to pick pumpkins and instead of carving all of them, we also painted a bunch as well, just for something different.

Fall in Rockefeller State Park in Pleasantville, NY

One thing not on the list that I would highly recommend is to go hiking or take a stroll through a state park. I know that Rockefeller State Park in Pleasantville, NY is beyond breathtaking during this time of the year. I have taken so many visiting friends to see it and it provides some great scenery for you new Facebook photos 😉 The great thing about these parks is that they are either free to enter, or, at the maximum, charge $6 for parking. A $6 weekend activity that gets you outside, moving, and a good time to just catch up sounds like a good deal to me!

Fall in Philadelphia, PA



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