Jeer of the Week: Dirty Cities

Jeer of the Week: these dirty cities! Do you live in one of these cities? What do you think about the comments? Do you agree/disagree? Is there something that isn’t dirty about your city that people just don’t know about? I want to know!

I live outside of NYC and can agree that yes, whenever I spend a significant amount of time there, all I want to do when I get home is bathe. Immediately. I always have that film of grime on my skin and hair when I get back, but I love the city. There are so many great things about it, but I will say I am disappointed in the dirt level, so I’m not surprised that it’s number 1 on the list.

NYC, Sept. 2012

What I was surprised about was that Baltimore was close to the top of the list. I have never been there, but for some reason imagined it to be a pretty city by the water, guess not. Another one I was surprised made it on the list that I have never been to was San Francisco. Definitely did not think that was an extremely dirty city. Of the cities on the list, I have been to: Atlanta, LA, Philly, Miami, D.C., Vegas, Boston, Orlando, Chicago. Most of those, I was also surprised to see on there. LA, Miami, and Orlando, yes, I could see that they are dirty. Think of all of the germy kids roaming around Disney!

Boston, Oct. 2011

For the rest of those, I was actually expecting them to be dirty before I visited, but was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren’t. Yes, the Schuylkill River is repulsive in Philly, but for the most part, they have a great clean-up program, along with the rest. I’m sure once you get out of the main centers of the cities, yes, they are probably a little slum-ish and dirty, but for what I saw, I felt pretty clean!


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