Hello, America!

Well, if you haven’t read my little background up above, this is my travel blog. More importantly, this is my travel blog as I make my way through all 50 states. I started this goal about a year ago when I realized that there’s a giant portion of our own beautiful country that I have yet to see, and most likely wouldn’t see if I didn’t set my mind to it.

That’s the difference between me and a lot of people with bucket lists, I actually complete goals that I set because I’m neurotic and it seriously bothers me if I can’t cross something off of my to-do list. After printing out a map of the U.S. and coloring in the states I have been to, which totals to 21, I started setting my travel goals. There’s a lot of New England that I haven’t seen, so for now, I will start close. The good thing about starting close is it’s friendly on the budget. Most of the places my friends and I can drive to and split the cost of gas.

What I really want to accomplish with this blog is to inspire people to get out and go somewhere! Even if it’s exploring a different city in your own home state…go! What’s stopping you?! I think that a lot of people get a little lazy and use the excuses like, “it’s too expensive,” or, “I can’t take that time off.” I’ll make it easy for y’all (I have a big family in Atlanta, so the Southern will come out a bit sometimes.) I am a student, who is traveling on a student budget. I also don’t have a lot of time to take off between work and school, which is why weekend trips are ideal for my budget and time.

So many people, whether they are from this country or not seem to only flock to the same few states: New York, California, Florida, and Nevada…but, come on people, there are 46 other states in our country. The only reason people swarm to those like a moth to a light bulb, is because no one else has really been to the other states to tell people, hey, Idaho is actually really cool, you’ll want to check that one out with the family next. So, that’s where I come in!

Where am I going next? This coming weekend I will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I know what you’re thinking, and I can’t believe it either: I’ve never been to Pennsylvania before! One of my friends just moved there, so I’m taking the train from New York City (only a 1 1/2 hour train ride that cost under $100 round trip…but more on that later) to get my hands on a real Philly Cheesesteak and see that “LOVE” sculpture that everyone has a picture with. I’m excited because my friend, Alyssa, definitely will show me some main attractions, but I know she’ll have a lot of cool and different things planned for us that are off the beaten path.

So join my on my journey through our awesome country, I promise I’ll lead you in the right direction!


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